Thursday, 16 December 2010

M's comic - just seeing if it embeds OK in blogger

Image editor

Who needs to pay shed loads of cash when they can use free online tools like this one? Pixlr  has a range of editing tools like Photoshop express including a number of quick filters. I applied one as you can see above. This is the boy when he still valued fresh air and exercise over Playstation. Last night he went Lazer Questing in an NBC suit. He drank a litre of coke and vomited the whole lot up when he got back. I don’t have a picture of that. If I did I don’t think that even Pixlr could do much about that.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

tech changes, tech glitches and missed penalties

I have moved my blog. I hope, though, that the posts I put on the new host (Posterous) will automatically post to my old one (Blogger). It should make it all easier since Posterous allows me to post directly from e mail which I can do on my laptop or I Phone without having to log in to the blog account. It also makes uploading images, video files, audio and documents that much easier too as they can be attached to the e mail and Posterous does all the formatting. I have had a few issues with embed codes but apart from that it’s bloomin’ brilliant. To embed a Youtube clip (like this one: )I only have to post the link. I have been feeling edgy since not posting much since I got married really. Yeah, my wife does order me around a lot and makes me do stuff like cooking and cleaning but, to be fair, she’s never said ‘stop wasting time on that , nobody reads it’.

Before the game on Sunday I said to a bloke near me that I  didn’t really enjoy the derbies. Even when we were 4-1 up against L’Arse I was edgy so in a 1-nil I have no hope. It was gratifying to see Drogba miss the pen on Sunday after all the misses our lot have made recently. Maybe it’s a hint that he wants away from the Bridge in the direction of the Lane.  

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Ken Robinson on education

Not a lot to disagree with here in my view. All we need now is the cultural revolution...handg on, I'm not sure that's the right phrase