Saturday, 18 June 2011


We wonder why everything seemed so much better in the old days. It's easy to answer that really : it's because we're complicit in the formation of rose tinted memories through photography. Unless you're a war correspondent or a just a bit weird you'll be unlikrly to spend time snapping away at Uncle Jim's funeral, when little jonny gashed his knee or Bonzo copped it under the wheels of an 18 wheeler. The photos we take are the good times but as memory fades it is these things we hold on to the best. This isn't such a bad thing but I have spotted one problem. Why do women want a secind, third or fourth kid? It's because no-one thought to get the camera out during labour and we don't want to treasure the memory of early AM screaming, puddles of baby effluence or the pain of colic. Frpm here on I shall be much more balanced but for now here is another contribution to my romanticisation of this period.