Friday, 23 May 2014

weekly shop


To be honest some pictures are better without captions.


Should have videoed it but basically she's saying 'EDL off our streets!'

My Family

Believe me: we're all recognisable. Some of them are actually quite flattering.


The boy is just about to start his first sea phase but before he can spend months on a ship watching for albatrosses he has to do loads of action hero training it seems. Rescue, lifeboats, first aid and fire fighting. He loves it. I try not to think about it. 


When my wife isn't there to brush our daughter's hair or get her dressed she usually leaves stuff out in the order they need to be put on the child and in a position relative to where they go on her body. Like I'd put her pants on super hero style or try desperately to put her socks on her ears. A couple of weeks ago, for reasons lost in the mist of London work and commuting I had to do the whole thing myself. I'm all for developing independence and giving children a choice so what better way than to say: 'go and choose your clothes; I'll be in in a minute." This is what she chose.