Wednesday, 26 November 2008

In 12 days

I sometimes wonder (like most people I guess) whether I'm making the most of my life. I often reach the conclusion that there's so much more I could be doing, espcially when I have one of those evening where I flick channels on the TV from one crappy American programme to another. I haven't been able to post these last 12 days because I have moved house and switching on a phone line that was previously active apparently takes 2 weeks and 6o quid's worth of effort.

When I look back at the last 12 days I can't believe what I have done. Now I wonder how I ever manage to even think about being idle let alone actually being idle. In addition to the usual stuff like work and eating food and cleaning things I have managed to squeeze in the following:

  • moved house- with help of friends but all in the car
  • all that annoying address change stuff with gas, electric
  • bought a fridge, picked it up and installed it
  • bought a tv and other unnecessary electronic gadgets, unpacked them, drowned in packaging and then wasted hours playing games and watching movies
  • watched Spurs lose to Fulham then beat Blackburn
  • spent day in Manchester at a deaf awareness conference
  • had my girl stay over and best mate spent a few days (being ill mostly)
  • did stuff with the boy (though this mostly overlapped with playing games and watching movies)
  • assembled furniture and the like
  • broke a few things to make new place look more like all my old places

So, when all's said and done, my life is at least full if not always fulfilling

Friday, 14 November 2008

The Weetabix Stadium

Don't you just know we're going to get some crappy, embarrassing name if the stadium name gets put up for auction. From the Spurs website:

Club confirms naming rights opportunity at new stadium
Daniel Levy, the Club's Chairman, yesterday confirmed that a naming rights partner would be sought to support the financing of plans for our proposed new Stadium.
"It's a necessary and critical component of financing a modern football stadium," confirmed Daniel during a round of media interviews at White Hart Lane yesterday afternoon. We are well aware of the history and great affection our fans have for White Hart Lane but our plans involve us moving to a completely new Stadium and if you want progress, things do have to change."

Likely outcomes:

McDonald's Stadium
Mcvities Stadium
Armitage Shanks Stadium
Durex Stadium

Acceptable outcome:

White Hart Lane (and nothing else!)

More on the development:

Public consultation document: They claim the transport infrastructure is already there! I think Levy needs to catch a bus once in a while.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Man City 1 Spurs 2

Woo Hoo. City sang " we've got Robinho", we sang "We've got Darren Bentio".

Friday, 7 November 2008

big girl's blouse

I took the boy to the Stoke game so I wasn't aware of Gomez's manly display until my girl told me about it. I was just flicking through some photos when I came across this one. he really was bawling his eyes out. Is it any wonder we have problems betwen the sticks?

get behind your team

I have absolutely no idea what the heck this picture is all about.

Star Trek Cartoon

Me and the boy have just sat through the first two series of Star Trek (original series). This has happened over a period of weeks; not at one sitting. Now we have run out of episodes to watch I was reminded of the cartoon. Kirk's voice sounds more stilted than ever. I'm supposed to be working but even this crummy animation has distracted me. I thought I'd share that satisfying but nagging sense of time wasted (There's an episode in that phenomena I reckon. The following is a complete episode in 3 parts.

I love the way the music is not quite the Star Trek theme.

Bent and Huddlestone 4 Zagreb 0

Despite Bent's hattrick,Hudd seems to have earnt man of the match. Defence splitting passes, great volley and a week off the pies.

There I was saying that I didn't give a stuff about UEFA and all I wanted was for us to get out the relegation zone and now I'm getting all excited about Europe again.


I know I made a cheap gag about Liverpool getting robbed on Saturday but sometimes I gawk (is that even a word?) at the way people reinforce stereotypes of themselves. If there's one thing that's guaranteed to make it into the press it's the burglary of footballers' houses while they're playing. This from football 365:

Posted 07/11/08
Lucas Leiva has reportedly become the eighth Liverpool player to be burgled while playing for the club in the last two years.
According to The Independent, the midfielder arrived home after Tuesday's match with Atletico Madrid to discover that the Olympic bronze medal he won in Beijing this summer had been stolen, along with Brazil and Liverpool shirts.
"Taken from the address was an amount of jewellery and some very distinctive football and
sports memorabilia. These items have significant personal importance to Mr Leiva and they were associated with some very cherished memories" confirmed . Acting Detective Chief Inspector Peter Parry of Merseyside police.
The Brazilian youngster is just the latest in a long line of Liverpool players to suffer such an opportunistic crime.
Since 2006, Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt, Robbie Keane, Pepe Reina, Daniel Agger, Peter Crouch and Jerzy Dudek have all been burgled while on playing duty.

When Robbie Keane was burgled I think they stole his leprachaun magic goal scoring potion (that irish stereotype is part of the 'North and South' buy one get one free policy)

Monday, 3 November 2008

Undercover Elephant

Arsene Wenger has been scraping the barrel of excuses this week for les Arses' poor showing midweek and even worse performance at Stoke at the weekend. I think I have found a contributory factor. It seems that underperforming boy wonder, Theo Walcott, has been moonlighting in a style that would impress Hong Kong Fooey. Even so, he only just scraped in at the last moment in the Brazilian Grand Prix and, if he rests on his laurels too much, he may find McCain pipping him at the post tomorrow.
The question is which is the real person and which are alter egos?

Sunday, 2 November 2008

1 wooden telly please!

Me and the boy killed a bit of time on Saturday mooching around Currys and the like. In one of them we came across this TV made of wood. The photo doesn't really do justice to how cheap and tacky this looks. I can't imagine anyone thinking that it looks stylish. It looks like someone has cobbled it together themselves because they couldn't afford a real one. I made a TV out of a cardboard box when I was a kid and it looked better than this.

scousers robbed

Hudd congratulates Pav on his injury time winner at the Lane yesterday while Hutton rehearses for the remake of the thriller video. This game was 70 minutes torture, 20 minutes hope and 2 minutes rapturous disbelief. Of course we didn't deserve it but that made the celbrations that much sweeter. Harry's done some pottering for sure.
Anyhow, enough of the tabloidese; Spurs were outplayed for large parts of this game but the spirit to play to the whistle two matches running is something not seen for a long time. We got wet sat right at the front of the Shelf, we got crushed celebrating the winner (just like the old days) and it was bloody freezing but we didn't care. On top of that Stoke showed Les Arses up, Van Persie got sent off for committing the comedy foul of the season and we got seats on the train!