Saturday, 8 September 2007


Despite a dodgy ref, a penalty that never was and the sending off of the Spurs' captain, the lillywhites still manage a victory at Old Trafford in the FA Cup.

Regrettably, karma doesn't seem to work like that in the Premiership. The refs and penalties are all there but the last minute winners, as the world knows, are disallowed even when they're obviously over the line. This clip from Kes just about says it all in terms of PE in the 70s. The cold, the sadistic teacher, the aimlessness of the activity and the humiliation of selection all ring true for me. I am grateful that my boy doesn't moan about all those things; in fact he says his PE teacher is 'awesome'. Though our dinner the other night was awesome. And it was awesome that I poured him some lemonade. I too was full of awe.


Anonymous said...

Despite the "awesome" final score this clip made me shudder with fear - I was back at school, doing games with the sadistic and narcissistic Mr P. This was an almost perfect portrayal of my games teacher - I wonder whether the film went on to show him perving at the boys in the shower.

Matt said...

unfortunately I guess a lot of people know exactly what you talking about. One of our PE teachers was more into punishments: plimsol on the arse, end of robe on arse, cricket ball thrown at you really hard, letting other kids kick you, that sort of thing