Friday, 3 October 2008

10 reasons to keep the faith


  • worst start for 53 years
  • Portsmouth are reporting Spurs supporters to the FA, The League of Nations and the United Federation of Planets
  • Spurs 0 wigan 0
  • Ramos is 'homesick' (for crying out loud)
  • bottom of the league
  • overturned Newcassle only to get Liverpool in next round of Carling Cup in which Rafa will play 10 tea ladies and Robbie Keane and he'll score a hatful of goals and pretend not to celebrate
  • Ledley's knee
  • Bale's foot
  • Hutton's arse (or whatever is broken)
  • Dimitar Buggerov
  • £70M later

Despite all this we have to work together and keep a stiff upper lip. White Hart Lane may be beleaguered but all it needs is a visit from the King or Churchill and we'll all start pulling together again. Here are some reasons (of varying quality) why we mustn't lose hope.

1. We don't have ARSE in our name
2. We're not Newcassle
3. We're not West Ham
4. We're eternal optimists
5. DESPITE league position and losing 2-0 all you could hear at Fatton Park was Spurs
6. Our manager doesn't have ARSE in his name. (Granted, Juande Ramos is an anagram of Majored Anus but we'll let that go until he moves back to Seville to be closer to his oranges)
7. Still in Uefa and League cup (hard luck Toffees)
8. Two points is better than minus 19 and bottom of league 2- man you have to feel sorry for the ghost of Eric Morecambe and other Hatters)
9. ...we've got Ledley at the Back so you can etc...
10. pitch in the Prem.

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