Thursday, 24 December 2009

Little things...

It was my brithday recently. Allegedly a grown up, I can often be found sulking on my birthday because it's so close to Christmas and people forget or someone buys me something rubbish. This is despite the fact that I always say I hate fuss and don't want anything; you really can't win with me. My boy turned that on its head by excelling on the present front this year. He bought me the bendy guys pictured below. As you may gather, these things have been the source of much mirth and the tame shots below don't give a real flavour of the true flexibility of these guys (intentional pun). This success was tempered with his "joke" card which featured an Arsenal logo and inside had a song. What upset me was that this 2 or 3 quid may be the difference between Les Arses buying another player or something and, mostly, that i couldn't display it but had to tear it up into tiny pieces and then burn them (there's a limit to offspring related sentimentality, there really is).

I love the way each picture suggests a mini narrative. Nothing seems to wipe the smile of these guys faces though. Wish I was like that.

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