Friday, 26 March 2010

the psyche of the spurs fan

Some SMS texts exchanged during Wednesday's win against Fulham:

".... I am not happy with our team. We are going to lose 1-0."
"tell A to wear her lucky socks"
"Already done."
"I got my scarf on"

Fulham go 1-0 up
"told you"
From West ham fan: " when the moon something eye, something pizza pie that's Zamora!"
"we're losing it in midfield"
"Come on Harry shake it up"
"they need to close it down like Fulham are."
"don't worry, it's a game of two halves"
"I hope that Fulham tire"
"If they do we've got a chance"
"can't see us scoring"
"wasted free kick"
"can't sit back against this shower. COYS!"

During half time
"It's time to turn up and play some football Spurs!"

1-1: Bentley
"always rated him"

2-1: Pav
"Oh yes!"
"Get in there"
"Harry's done the business"
"super pav"
"s u u u u u p e r"
"we want 9"
"knew we'd beat this lot easy"

3-1 Gudjohnson
"own goal"
"it's dreamland man. city losing, Villa dropped points. rematch against Chelsea at Wembley"
"I'm getting sick and tired of Spurs letting us down. Where's the disappointment? Where's the moaning? it looked good for 45 mins but they ruined it all. If they're not careful they'll win something"