Friday, 30 September 2011

Good guess

I popped into a pub on my way "home" last night to watch the Spurs v Shamrock Rovers Euro match. Even if you've never heard of them you might hazard a guess as to where they were from. So my choice of irish pub made for interesting banter, not least when Rovers took the lead. Much back slapping and Guiness all round. I noticed too in the 10 mins between them scoring and Spurs finally pulling their collective finger out that accents got a lot stronger. "lilting" was no longer the right descriptor.

Later an old guy hobbled up to the bar and we chatted a bit. He told me of his many fascinating ills and of his deceased brother who he didn't talk to anyway because he once hit his sister and "loiked the Arrrsenal" (I kid you not). When he said this I warmed to him considerably so when he asked how old I thought he was I went very low, knocking 15 years of my real estimate. "65?" I suggested. "yes," he said, picking up his pint and making his way back to his seat.

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Sir Scott of Stoodley said...

Ahh... It's so nice that you're making friends down there.

I really enjoyed the game. I thought there was some lovely little interplay between Rose, Defoe, pav and dos santos. Townsend and carroll did well too. Just nice to see who's on the spurs books.

I suppose I never really considered us losing even when they scored. Take the fear out and it's light entertainment!
I was at home, safe and cosy though. Not on the frontline with the enemy sinking the balck stuff and telling tales of dead brothers.