Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fortnight review

I'm doing this on my phone so typographic errors should be perceived as revealing rather than condemning.

My big girl is back at work and was confronted by Ofsted in her second week back. They'd have got a "4" if it wasn't for her. As you can tell, i'm also going for an impartial tone.

As a consequence of big girl's return to work, little girl with giant cheeks stayed with grandma. We have all aged as a consequence. The biggest surprise has been how non- English speaking grandma has taught "ya ya" how to count and a whole bunch of other words. Much more amusing is her fake sneeze. Baby's not grandma's. Grandma's is rubbish.

Sis out of hospital and giving other grandma the runaround. We are in drought but the rain has only just abated and been replaced by a big temperature drop. To me it feels like the two things are related.

Spurs, who couldn't buy a win for months, have finally bought a couple. I was at the Blackburn game and it felt good to have a shout and cheer. The "leaving baby PTSD" needed a release. Unfortunately the olympics offer me no alternative. Stress will no doubt increase as trains fill up with people wealthier and with more leisure time than me.

The boy is working his butt off on his extended project. His presentation is as good a Prezi as I have seen. I think I'll get him in to train some of the more technophobic teachers.

Work is the same.

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