Friday, 1 June 2012

as if we didn't know already

A personal perspective, not an institutional one:

This link takes you to an interactive map. One of the things it shows is the university fees across 6 countries. No doubt no-one will be surprised that England comes top (yey, we won something) with a staggering 10,400 Euros. But what makes it all the more galling is what everyone else pays. See if you can guess what the next highest is and who the next highest is before you click on the arrows. Thanks ‘Mr’ Cameron and, especial thanks once again for soul-sold Clegg for this most abhorrent of u-turns in policy. I hope, now that there’s no way my son can afford to go to university, that this turns out to be a blessing in disguise for him and others like him and that he can find a job. Chances are though they have cursed a generation. My youth was blighted by Thatcher. Note the absence of ‘Mrs’ there- she lost that when she lost the respect of the nation. Clegg’s already done the same…so what’s it to be for Cameron? He never earned my respect, hence the inverted commas earlier, but what about those that voted for him? Once Greece flatlines and Ireland and Spain and Portugal follow suit, maybe you’ll realise you’ve been punishing the wrong people. But will you care?

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