Saturday, 1 March 2008

Earth and bumps

Painful trip today. Yeah, we made changes. Yeah, we were 'hung over'. But, man, it was embarrassing. 4-1 despite all the rituals. Maybe Ramos got a call just before kick off. Maybe the 'lucky rabbit poo' got lost somehow. By someone, I don't know who. Defensively Spurs just weren't up to it. Birmingham deserved it: they played better, they worked harder and they didn't have to play in yellow. Good luck to them. I mean that as it goes because from the moment we arrived at the car park we talked to an endless stream of chirpy, friendly brummies who chatted about the game and gave us directions to the ground.

The ground itself was like they used to be in the old days. All higgledy piggledy stands of different shapes and sizes. The boy rates the pies as: 'Better than Bolton.' which is actually some accolade. Even though they put us right in a big draft and I came away chilled to my bones, I like it there.

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