Friday, 14 March 2008

Talking of pies

You'd get a funny look in the US if you asked for a pasty at a football match. Apparently they are nipple covers, I think like the one Janet Jackson wore. A quick bit of research (honestly your honour) revealed that they are favoured by women who want to get an all over tan. It got me thinking about words that are different in the US. Some of them make sense like 'trunk' for 'boot' or even words like 'pussy' which is like 'weed' or 'wimp'. Some are strange though: How did 'vest' get from inside other clothes to outside in its journey across the Atlantic? And how did 'fanny' move from front to back?

Someone has compiled a list on wikipedia. It actually makes for an interesting diversion. Even though most people in the UK will be familiar with these I like the way it's written all seriously by some suspender wearning nerd. (Link)

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