Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Things that make you go eeeurrgghh

We went to a french restaurant this evening. I had snails. These made my girl's 'bum go funny'. She said that if she'd known I had eaten and would continue to eat things like gastropods with a set of each type of genitals (see snail specific post here) and rabbits she'd never have so much as nodded at me in a corridor or held a door open for me let alone paid for my tea in a restaurant in Blackheath.

We did this after taking her rabbit to a retirement home/ refuge (for rabbits). She has had treatment after treatment but couldn't get shot of this horrible gunk around her eyes (this is the rabbit not my girl). I didn't think it'd be that bad but, man, when I saw it for the first time, that really made my bum go funny. The woman at the rabbit place was obviously batty but brilliant (luckily) with rabbits. She took one look at the eyes, flipped the rabbit on her back, opened its legs and thrust the poor thing's bunny vagina in our faces: "It's rabbit VD" she said. " Look how it's all crusted up". Between winces I noted that this was VD and not an STD. Apparently they get it from their parents.

Now here's the question (especially considering girl's reaction to snail eating): If someone said "Here's a foxy chick who is funny, intelligent, beautiful etc. but her bunny has VD" what would you do?

The most worrying thing is that my eyes are a bit goopy this evening and I've definitely lost the spring in my step.

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