Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Summer 1

Since July I haven't been able to upload pictures from my phone to my PC. My PC is now lying dead on my floor but I have managed to upload my pictures to my laptop. This means that I have a backlog of interesting things to share/pollute the ether with (depending on your point of view).
Over the last few months I have see three films at the cinema. I saw 'In Bruges' which I loved so much that I went to Bruges last week. I can confirm that it is in Belgium. I also saw 'Get Smart' at the weekend with my boy. It clearly appeals to the teenage sense of humour. This is why I laughed a lot I think. The other film I saw was 'Sex and the City'.

You have to understand that I only went because my girl wanted to see it. I know it's a bit late for a film review but I still have residual angst that I need to get off my chest. The summer has been a good one but if there is a stain on it it's in the shape of the vacuous, pointless drivel that sold out all over the country. I have only ever walked out of the cinema for one film which was the utterly abysmal Fatal Attraction- Glenn Bloke was irritating me so much that it was either that or a frenzied assault on the screen with my own big knife. Sex and the City was about 500 times worse. Maybe I didn't get the subtlety but as far as I could make out it was an interminable catwalk salted and peppered with flimsy stereotypes of homosexuals and 40 somethings with too much money and too few brain cells. I had zero sympathy for any of the protagonists: when the main character's husband jilted her at the alter I had my only moment of enjoyment :" Yes," I thought (or maybe even said aloud) "That's about what you deserve."

At the end I asked my girl if she'd enjoyed it in the hope that my suffering would be ameliorated by her enjoyment. 'It was OK, I guess,' she said.

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