Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Summer 3-Jeux avec essence

At my girl's place of work they did this 'It's a knockout' thing as a sort of team building exercise. Amongst the apparent chaos there was a great sense of camaraderie. War paint and ripped T shirts defined team identity and the competitive spirit came through in the ingenious ways virtually everyone tried to cheat their way to victory. The last game involved a big water fight. One of the guys got a bit carried away and, grabbing what he thought was a canister of water, poured it over one of the bosses only to discover the canister was full of petrol. As the fumes wafted over the field and people hurriedly extinguished their cigarettes one question hung as pungently in the air as the stench of fuel: 'How could he not have known what was in that can?' The picture doesn't really do the event justice but I got there only after the big inflatable stuff had been deflated. My girl got a medal. That made me more proud than the multiple medals Team GB got in China though they should be pretty pleased with themselves too (without banging on about it and becoming BBC sports personalities and all that).

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