Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Postcard from Prague

This is one place in Europe that I had never been to before. Of course I,d heard that it was beautiful and I{d seen it in film and in pictures. I didn{t realise quite how special it¿d be though. The bulk of the really ace stuff seems to have been built in the 14th century though my poorly worded chepeast guide to the Prague isn{t really that informative. We have been doing a lot of trolling around. It{s surprisingly steep and also surprisingly humid. The lack of an apostrophe on this czech keyboard is wearing me down a bit though.

..sorry can{t find brackets either...We have just come from here.. )prague castle=
and we are on our way here... -king charles bridge-
As you can see, we{re doing the proper tourist thing. It{s not nearly as cheap as I thought it{d be though.

Ok that{s enough of that....wish you were here etc...
Matt and the boy

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