Friday, 12 September 2008


I thought it was a pain when we could only get restricted views at White Hart Lane. The big posts on the shelf side only count as a restricted view if they block the goal. We sat in these seats against Les Arses last year (see here). If I ever have to sit in one of those seats again I won't complain though. Pity the poor sods who have bought tickets for Spurs' forthcoming game against Krakow. This from the Spurs Website:

"Following a recent visit to the Wisla Stadium by Club officials in preparation for our UEFA Cup first round, second leg tie on October 2, we were alerted to some seating with severely restricted views of the pitch in the visitors section. The view of the pitch for a large number of seats within our allocation is severely obscured by security fencing along the segregation line and additional security fencing protecting the new media centre. "
It's more like a detention camp than a football stadium. It reminds me of the bad old, pre-Hillsborough days. I'm glad I'm not going to be honest. It's surprising really because Krakow itself is picturesque and apparently genteel.

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