Tuesday, 12 May 2009


I often read what this guy has to say about teaching. This one made me laugh out loud. a) because it's inherently funny and enough to make you squirm for him and b) it reminds me of similar experiences teaching 15 year olds at an all girls school even before I was fully qualified (and still looked quite young). They would deliberately drop pencils and rubbers on the floor and try to get my attention while they made a big deal about bending over and picking it up, all eye lashes and thrust out breasts (at least that what I figured as I was doing my best to make sure I looked at the ceiling or out the window). They would ask me to do things like sing a song or come round for dinner or take them out just to see how I would react (answer: bright red face, sweaty palms and a pathetic bumbling 'don't be so stupid').

I have to say that was pretty much the worst teaching experience I ever had (apart form the Mexican lad with the exploding face and no short term memory but I try not to think about that).

"Brilliant Tits"
studentteacher83 @ Tuesday, 21. Apr, 2009 – 19:48:34
Working with teenage girls is all too frequently a terrifying experience. I find a policy of don't-go-within-three-yards-of-them works quite well most of the time.
As a teacher you have to use praise alot, though it takes a time to get it down to a fine art as when I praised one of my pupils for working so well they called me a suck-up, but that's another story. I have several stampers for giving my pupils messages of praise, one of which is personalised and reads 'Mr **** says Brilliant' with some stars in the middle. I'm quite pleased with it and my pupils love getting it stamped in their books, even great big year eleven boys.
I was going round stamping some books during my year ten lesson and one of the girls asked if she could stamp her own book. That's fine by me but after I turned my back for a second to check another pupil's work I soon regretted it. When I look at the girl again she's only gone and stamped her nipples, as in on her school shirt, not her actual nipples. At least I assume not, I wasn't about to check. To say I was horrified is an understatement on a par with standing at the South Pole and saying it's a bit chilly.
Imagine now - but not too much - how that must have looked, a girl walking around with 'Mr **** says Brilliant' on her tits.
My own, slightly paranoid, view is that it made it look like I was giving her breasts a seal of approval, kind of like a highly perverted version of a Quality Standard for meat. It wasn't like it was late in the day, there were still three lessons to go, plus break and lunchtimes. She didn't even have a jumper to put on over the top. So numerous other teachers would have seen it, and that's before she gets home. That'll give her mum a fright when she does the laundry. I wouldn't imagine stamper ink comes out too well either.
I'm sticking to using my smiley face stamper from now on.

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