Saturday, 9 May 2009

tribal chants

I haven't had time to comment on the 5-2 defeat at Old Trafford nor the limp win at the Lane against the Baggies nor today's even limper 0-0 versus the Toffees. Suffice to say that we'll just miss out on that Europa league spot and that's probably a good thing. I hope Fulham get it and we can finish above West Sham. As I said much earlier in the season, I'd have taken one place above the relegation zone after the start we had so wherever we finish will be a bonus. I could have gone on about Howard Webb's pathetic decision at Old Trafford or I could have ranted about Drogba's outburst on Wednesday night and the likelihood of his getting away without much punishment but, you know, it doesn't seem worth it. The season's over for me now and I'm already getting those close season blues. To try to cheer myself up I looked at some football chants and found this great video entitled Die besten Fangesänge der Welt. It's gratifying to see the Spurs in this random German top ten with the spine tingling 'Oh when the Spurs...' but the best is the first one from a bunch of nutty Japanese supporters who follow Yamagata. It's a shame they rip off a Chelski song but it's forgivable when you see the choreography and realise that the words are only a vague approximation of English.

I've been on a bit of a downer this week (and I am sorry for being moody and intolerable- this is my public apology honey) but things like this definitely help raise the spirits.

Yamagata are now my second club.

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