Sunday, 4 October 2009

Fully comp

I can often be heard moaning about people with too much money and too little sense (and little other things they're compensating for) who drive like they own the road, never learnt how to use a roundabout, think the disabled sign means 'parking for arrogant toffs' and specialise in sitting in the middle or outside lane at just under the speed limit until you try to overtake.

Whenever I see one of that type pulled over I suddenly throw away all my anarchistic tendencies and actually give a small cheer for the old bill. This sort of divine justice is, for me, the perfect definition of schadenfreude (along with sneering, gloating Gooners, Hammers, Chavs or ManYoos who see their lead overturned in the last minute by a lucky goal off someone's arse and another that didn't actually cross the line- a too rare event I know).

I just happened across this site. This is someone I see eye to eye with. 6000 expensive cars, all totalled. Of course I wouldn't wish anyone any physical harm and I guess some of these accidents must have resulted in injuries but, as the public safety cliche says, if it makes just one person drive more carefully...

I ran some one over once. He ran between two parked cars, straight in front of me. It was the worst feeling and slowed me right down for weeks. Not that I was speeding, it's just that- like when you fire a gun for the first time- you suddenly realise the power of the thing you are controlling.

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