Sunday, 4 October 2009

That's life 2009

There is a type of nostalgia TV that assemples a few c-list celebs and gets them to say vaguely amusing things about tv shows, adverts and films from the past. The attraction is obvious: it's cheap to make and we like to see how easily pleased we were in the 70s. Often referred to in disparaging tones is 'That's life'. The celebs mock it because the programme pretty much depended on dogs that could say 'sausages' and vegetables sent in by a relative of Mrs Trellis (of I'm sorry...fame) that were shaped a bit like a knob. As a kid I'm pretty sure i found that funny like everyone else diod at the time and, to prove the point, here's evidence that I still do. We found this ice cream in France. Of course we took a photo but the product itself didn't appeal enough for us to actually buy it. Ice cream sellers must get sick of English speakers doing that. Going back to That's Life: it wasn't the dogs, the creepy bloke or the veg that I didn't like; it was the time it was on. I knew that when it finished at 9pm on a Sunday that the weekend was over and I had to go to school the next day and explain why I hadn't done my homework. No amount of phallic carrots can assuage that gut churning sickness.

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