Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Some views from round my way

I was trying to work out why people say it's so beautiful. White is, of course, the colour of the mighty Spurs but that can't be the only reason. Cold itself isn't beautiful, it's uncomfortable and expensive. Snow isn't so beautiful either when you fall on your arse in your new shiny boots and put your hand in something nasty. Why is it that dog crap doesn't freeze?

Snow's great when you get a day off work or school. The boy was awake at 7 listening to the radio to see if his school was shut. Once it was confirmed he went back to sleep and stayed in bed till 11. He hasn't thrown a snowball yet. What's wrong with the youth of today? When I was his age I'd have been out in it so long I'd have frost bite by now.
This is how I'm getting to work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I would've loved to experience it only once in my life! (A, South Africa)