Thursday, 28 January 2010

street art

The boy's doing a project on street art- he showed me some stuff that I quite liked and it all ended up very complicated with Banksy Christmas presents and a trip to the world's smallest art gallery (it's nothing more than a corner shop window in Harrogate- at least that's how it seems until you marvel at the two whole rooms they have behind the counter). Anyway I read all this posturing up-their-own-arses stuff from Banksy, people pretending to be Banksy, some Brazilian twins (forget their names), this bloke from Essex who leaves 'art' on cardboard boxes, a guy from Barcelona who calls himself 'sixeart' and others and felt a bit disappointed really. Banksy is, thus far, the biggest sell out though. £9000 for a quick spray with a stencil? Cheeky capitalist pig. Having said that, I can't help liking his lines and visual gags, especially the ones at the expense of the police.Before they realise that they could actually become very very rich these guys go on about using the landscape. To that end I submit a favourite bit of street art- the spots on the trees that some smart arse decorated on the Southbank last summer were full of graffiti - mostly it was 'Lopez este en Inglitterra!!!!' but some of it was worth trawling through all the crap for: "my mum has pants in this material". I have no idea if the point of them was for this- I know I looked it up and read stuff but I think my short term memory made a few judgement calls about priorities around that time.

The above is my own attempt at street art. I spotted the random yellow line and installed the boy. I hope to return to North Wales this summer so that I can collect him (and my healthy commission)

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