Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Score prediction

I'm often less than optimistic when it comes to predicting Spurs results. When we are playing someone like Doncaster in the Carling Cup I imagine complacency, fluky goals and humiliation. It may have happened on relatively few occasions but those moments are seared on each Spurs fan's memory and tend (in the mind of the pessimist) to overshadow the times of triumph. I do sometimes (usually foolishly) lurch from pessimism to optimism but tonight, at the thought of Spurs' challenge in the San Siro, I am laughing much like a man condemned to death. I feel a 3-0 or worse coming on. I know Rafa has replaced Jose but can't get past our defensive frailties.


lumen said...

Wow, surfing the blogs randomly and stumbled on a Spurs blog! Can't believe my luck. Just started following EPL last year...learning, and enjoying. COYS!

savita said...
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Matt said...

cheers Lumen. you chose your team well. it's too easy for people not from the UK to follow man u or chelski or, even worse, the arses from the library. COYS!