Friday, 30 November 2007

latvian cultural tour

Low quality video clips as befits the seedy location, these were taken in some former KGB bunker in Riga a year or so ago. We went down into this basement area on the outskirts of the city and were asked by a Russian in a thick cold war accent: 'you vant fire Uzi? Kalshnikov?' Of course, the temptation was too great: our empathy with Latvian history only recently reinforced with a visit to the museum of the Soviet occupation dissapated as the urge to get hold of very dangerous looking weapons took hold. The AK47 was surprisingly easy to get to grips with; all my bullets hit the target. The Uzi was less successful. 25 rounds in 2.5 seconds led to only a couple of hits. The only nod to safety was the ear protectors and the fact that we had to use the stock on the Uzi rather than spraying from the hip LA style.

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