Sunday, 6 April 2008

Nothing to play for?

After last week's humiliation at the hands of Kevcastle we needed a good performance yesterday. Despite some scepticism in the press and on 606 about Spurs' players commitment, I thought that we turned in a good performance yesterday. We should have won quite easily and maybe if Keano had been a little more alert or Bent had come on sooner we might have got a second and even a third.

The best thing about yesterday was the response from the Spurs support. I think they made the Blackburn fans feel like we did at the Lane last week. Even Stuart Hall's report on 5 live said that the support from the travelling fans lifted the team. He said it more poetically than that of course. He even managed to put a reference to grasshoppers into his report but neither I nor the boy understood what the heck he was talking about. One of the better things about yesterday was the traveling time. We were home within the hour. It made up for some of the long trips back up from the Lane after a miserable performance.

I'm actually getting that sense of dread about the imminent end to the footy season. With luck a few tasty transfer stories and a good Euro Championship and the time will pass quickly.

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