Sunday, 2 November 2008

scousers robbed

Hudd congratulates Pav on his injury time winner at the Lane yesterday while Hutton rehearses for the remake of the thriller video. This game was 70 minutes torture, 20 minutes hope and 2 minutes rapturous disbelief. Of course we didn't deserve it but that made the celbrations that much sweeter. Harry's done some pottering for sure.
Anyhow, enough of the tabloidese; Spurs were outplayed for large parts of this game but the spirit to play to the whistle two matches running is something not seen for a long time. We got wet sat right at the front of the Shelf, we got crushed celebrating the winner (just like the old days) and it was bloody freezing but we didn't care. On top of that Stoke showed Les Arses up, Van Persie got sent off for committing the comedy foul of the season and we got seats on the train!

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