Friday, 14 November 2008

The Weetabix Stadium

Don't you just know we're going to get some crappy, embarrassing name if the stadium name gets put up for auction. From the Spurs website:

Club confirms naming rights opportunity at new stadium
Daniel Levy, the Club's Chairman, yesterday confirmed that a naming rights partner would be sought to support the financing of plans for our proposed new Stadium.
"It's a necessary and critical component of financing a modern football stadium," confirmed Daniel during a round of media interviews at White Hart Lane yesterday afternoon. We are well aware of the history and great affection our fans have for White Hart Lane but our plans involve us moving to a completely new Stadium and if you want progress, things do have to change."

Likely outcomes:

McDonald's Stadium
Mcvities Stadium
Armitage Shanks Stadium
Durex Stadium

Acceptable outcome:

White Hart Lane (and nothing else!)

More on the development:

Public consultation document: They claim the transport infrastructure is already there! I think Levy needs to catch a bus once in a while.

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