Wednesday, 24 December 2008


One thing I liked about the German market was the stall that sold giant heart shaped biscuits. They did a good job with the top two in the picture below. 'I love you' and 'I need you' seem more than appropriate things to say to the object of your affections whether it's your partner or even the biscuit itself. The bottom one though smacks of desperation. I can't help thinking it's something that was lost in translation. I can't for the life of me imagine a scenario where you're about to lose the one you love and, having previously amassed a range of biscuits with messages for all eventualities, rummage in the kitchen draw and with an anguished look present her with one that says 'Please stay with me'.
'Well I wasn't going to,' she says, 'but since you're giving me a biscuit...'

it reminded me of this Walker Brothers song.

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SockMonkeyMagic said...

Well, well, well. When I was but a slip of a girl (yes, I WAS!!!) I was a massive WB fan and spent many an hour outside the Portsmouth Guidhall queuing for ticketsfor their concerts! So, this takes me back. It may sound weird but if it wasn't for Scott Walker talking about Jean Paul Sartre (pop stars were a different breed back in the day!) I would never have sidestepped into culture and things beyond working in a trouser factory - which was the norm for us girls who failed our 11+. And if it hadn't been for the WBs I would never have seen Jimi Hendrix live (he was an act on one of their tours) or been in the same room as Dusty Springfield and Roy Orbison. Happy days!