Thursday, 4 December 2008


..I got my Internet back. I can now do all that academic research again. I caught a bit of women's under 21 world cup the other night while flicking through the sports channels. It was Germany versus Brazil and I saw two goals. The first was the kind of goalie fumble that enables people to take the piss out of the women's game but, to be honest, Gomez has done a lot worse at Spurs this season. The German equalizer was well taken and worked though. Having said that, it didn't sustain my interest enough to watch more or even find out who won. In fact, the only reason I watched for more than a few minutes is because of this woman: Leah. And, before I get it in the neck, it's the throw that captivated me; nothing else!

Rory Delap eat your heart out.

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