Friday, 23 January 2009

filling for a shilling

Usually I'm unable to bring things back from my frequent visits to the 1960s. Mostly I go to see Spurs when they were good and laugh at my lardy toddler self eat bigger breakfasts than I do now. I must have put this copy of Family Circle in my back pocket though and somehow it came with me. It's funny how things like money and the meaning of words can change so dramatically and yet our preoccupations are fundamentally unaltered: fattening foods, having gay houses and so on. In fact I saw these when I went up to best mate's house recently. His mum has a collection dating back to the time it was 'Family Arc'. There be slim pickings for the paper recycling man up there for sure. It's lucky they have a huge house. Here's another one:

I am beginning to wonder though. Maybe the magazine was way ahead of its time. The gift in that picture would be a great place to keep nipple rings and little bottles of amyl nitrate. I'm going to look online to see if 'family circle' means something very specific in Polari.

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Anonymous said...

Are you trying to say that I hoard stuff?? Shirley xx