Monday, 28 September 2009


I thought I'd recovered from my swine flu lite. I had all the symptoms except the temperature. It seems that heat is the key. It didn't mean that I wasn't feeling as ropey as I had in a long time; it just meant that the state and most people didn't really give a stuff (not that I didn't get any sympathy, though a little more proper nursing and fuss would have been welcome). I've come into work today and feel crappy again. I think I may have a desk allergy. My mate phoned the swine flu helpline last week when he was feeling similarly cruddy.

'Are you phoning for yourself or on behalf of someone else?'
'For me.' he said.
'OK, I will go through some questions. Question 1. Are you conscious?'

How much confidence does that inspire?

They say that a person's state of mind has a significant impact on their physical health so one thing that did make me feel better was the football at the weekend. Despite playing well below par Spurs still managed a 5-0 win. I could hardly believe it when Keane slotted in his fourth of the game. And Chelsea lost at Wigan. The 5-1 win at Preston in the week also flattered Spurs a bit I think but, I'll tell you what, I am not complaining.

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