Sunday, 13 May 2007

Spurs 2 - City 1 (THFC finish 5th)

My post match post on 606:

All this season I'v been reading and hearing moaning by so called spurs fans having a go at Jol. OK, he's made a few tactical errors but, let's face it, for the second season running we finished fifth. Basically, without the general investment, money or continuity of management enjoyed by the top four, we have proved ourselves best of rest. We are closing the gap with A*****l and will continue to do so if we can hold on to Berbatov and strengthen the squad a little- we need a strong left back and maybe someone a little more pacy with some flair on the left. Lennon still needs to mature, Huddlestone looks good for a few years and one of these days Zokora will score a goal. Glory hunters from woolwich and the posh bit of London will blab on about this sort of comment but M J's blue and white army know they're scared- I bet some of those glory hunters are already considering a shift to the Lane. Let's face it, most of them were Leeds, West Brom, Blackburn or Forest fans not so many years ago.

Getting back to my point: hold your heads up those that tarnished Jol's name and tell it like it is- he's our best hope for champ league next season. We're all going on (another ) European tour.

a reply from 'spurs fan' muertomungi:

has another manager been MORE active in the transfer market than Jol. For what result, 5th, two seasons running. Wow, all hail the messiah.

You could pick two ex-Spurs teams from other premiership sides!

My abiding memory this season of Spurs will be two fold:

firstly the failure to defend that last free-kick (3-2 up, ref about to blow F/T) vs Chelsea in the FA Cup semi(Gardner, brought on specifically for purpose, allows Drogba a free header!).

Secondly, being played off the park by Sevilla at HOME (we could've been 4/5-0 down at H/T).

For me, Jol flatters to decive. He has no passion & his teams reflect that lack of passion. As for his chewing-gum thing.... YUCK!

And a reply:

some people are never happy- look at the record 1995-2005. we were a mid table nightmare. who would you rather have? Look at ferguson's first season at utd- granted they won the fa cup but only by the skin of their teeth- the fans were booing him off the pitch half way through that season. if only the board had listened to them, maybe he'd have come to us. you have got to be realistic- we broke a win record in europe- to say we could have been 4 down in the retun leg agaisnt sevilla - you may as well say we could in any game- it was a tactial error (Tainio at right back and chimbonda on left and king not fit) but, jesus, our defence was decimated. it happens. we played today for the third time in a week. why? cos we played 17 more games this season than last- we're scoring goals- Berba and Keane are up their with the best- more passion needed in midfield and stronger defence. But give the knocking a rest. I see guys like you at the lane every week- if all you're interested in is winning then we can do without you (if you even go that is)

I agree about the chewing gum thing though.

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