Tuesday, 29 May 2007

nostalgia in space

This was the game I used to skip school to play in 'Budgie records' which became 'Budgie video' when VCRs first came out. You could get all the latest Betamax films there for more than it costs to rent a DVD from Blockbuster now. The shop was run by a dodgy looking bloke with a beard and he had these video games in a back room. Life in the fast lane.

Anyway...this game was distinct from all the other space ones like Pheonix or Galaxian because you had a 3 part ship that you had to dock. And I was better at it than anyone else. All my dinner money went here. No wonder I was such a skinny teenager. And such a nerd.

The music I haven't heard for over 25 years and yet it is so familiar. No wonder my brain has so much trouble remembering new things; it's still full of all this early 80s babble.

if you watched that video to the end...welcome to my world.

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