Monday, 7 May 2007

Wolf Girl in Spoon Attack

Stories of children raised by wolves have abounded for millenia. It seems now, though, that Romulus and Remus are to be knocked off their pedestals as the greatest wolf children of them all. A family of wolf children have been plaguing the very modern city of London. Our photographer barely escaped with his ice cream intact yesterday when this snarling, hirsuite (yet somehow extremely foxy) wolf girl leapt at him in a bankside restaurant. With claws, sharpened teeth and a big shiny spoon she leapt at him shreiking 'Hei? Hei? Hei?' in a shockingly plaintive wail that would have engendered sympathy had not the salivating jaws confirmed her bloodthirsty intent. He fended her off with a combination of charm and a baton of french bread. Police were called but the wolf girl had already made her escape. This is the fifth such incident in as many days but the first to be captured on film.

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