Monday, 3 December 2007

a day's work

In 7 minutes I am taking a class. They are presenting work that they have been preparing since last week. I will then sum up and give them a quiz. All pretty straightforward. However the rest of the day sums up what my job is really about. this morning I was wandering around a primary school playground looking for the classroom that an observation would be in. Interestingly, although I got some concerned stares, no-one actually came up to me and asked what the hell I was doing. The class itself was small and all the women responded to my presence by speaking in hushed tones and eyeing me nervously which must have really got up the teacher's nose. I came back and printed a billion things that I had been working on last week only to find that printer 1 was broken, printer 2 was occupied by an angry and flustered colleague covered in paper and printer 3 would only print one item before logging me out. Between that and photocopying reams of unnecessary bureaucracy I saw a student punched and dragged off by her 'boyfriend' so I followed him and challenged him, got subjected to abuse and in the end to rely on other students' support before he let her go. There was no way I was going to physically intervene having recently read up on what I am and am not allowed to do in conflict situations. I got two e mails from former students telling me about success in MAs and doctorates which cheered me up no end then another one from a student who i can't even remember which spooked me out cos it was so creepy. I taught an IT class that went well and had a meeting about re-structuring that i didn't understand. I then helped a colleague with an IT problem and quickly printed the stuff I needed for this evening. Now I am typing this. I need a cup of tea.

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