Tuesday, 25 December 2007

London Parking

Went to the South Bank with my girl on my birthday. We drove around a bit until I spotted a metered parking space. I pulled over to the other side of the road only to see a bloke 'park' his suitcase there. 'Kindly remove your luggage good sir!' I said.
' I saw first, big van come, you not park here.' I deduced from the frailties of his vocabulary that he was not from these shores. Resorting to stiff upper lip I hurriedly reported him to the Home Office, anti terrorist squad and the home guard.

Eventually we came to a car park that charged a mere £8 p.h. Later, on the way out, I had to photograph this sign. You can imagine the trouble I had following the signs to the exit with my car facing backwards. I know I don't need to say it but, How is it possible that someone can come up with sign like this? It's not like they're short of money: They could spend the 24 quid I gave them for a start.

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