Saturday, 16 February 2008

Gracious in defeat...

... is not a phrase that can be used when talking about the Ar5ena1 team or their boss. They just got well beat up at Man Yoo (4-0 which, by the way, is the same difference as the 5-1 trouncing they suffered equally badly at White Hart Lane a few weeks back. Have I mentioned that before?) and the level of petulance, irritation, diving, moaning and denial about their inferiortiy was, of course, a joy to behold.

Even better was Bransley's result up at Anfield and Bristol Rovers first quarter final in 50 years. That's what this competition is all about. So Spurs are out but I can shout passionately at the TV all the way to Cup Final day. All we need now is for Chelski to be drawn against Man Yoo so that the final will have at least one team I can shout for. A Cardiff/ Barnsley final would be great.

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