Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Football is all about confidence they say. Mostly you win or lose not because of your talent but because of your confidence. If you lose your confidence it's hard to find it again because you spiral downwards. Man Yoo have been confident for years. Spurs are confident roughly every 5th game.

What's interesting is how being a football supporter can impact your confidence. The boy used to be quite shy. Of course there are still some things that make him wince and destroy his confidence: girls and his old man being loud in public tend to underscore the link between confidence and embarrassment. It's at the football that I have seen his confidence blossom though. Without it, I think he'd still have some way to go. He has the confidence to shout his opinions; confidence to go buy a drink in a sea of people; confidence to chat to some random bloke about the game. On Sunday at half time we were chatting when I spotted Jamie O'Hara in civvies walking up the terrace. I pointed him out and the boy jumped down, offered his hand and said, " Hello Jamie.".As he shook hands with the boy O'Hara looked at him with a puzzled expression and said: " Sorry, I don't remember you."

My girl used to chant under breath. But on Sunday, about 20 rows of Spurs fans in the Paxton heard her plaintive plea in response to yet another ill placed pass, " Don't give it to Jenas; he's playing for them!' The passion of football withers inhibition better that drugs or alcohol.

The game? exciting and frustrating but, in the end, not so disappointing. Unlike Monsieur Wanger I did see the negative things my side did. We bossed possession but didn't convert the chances. I confidently predict a gruelling relegation battle that'll go right up to the last day of the season.

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