Tuesday, 10 March 2009

gansta spelling

I have just been leafing through some student portfolios. These are mostly 16 year old lads who probably think, as I did when I was their age, that lank, greasy hair and ill- fitting, grubby clothes are de riguer (It is also likely that they avoid salting and peppering their slang-filled speech with cutesy frenchisms). Much more interesting than the work they'd done was the way some had chosen to decorate the inside covers. I was surprised to find that a lot of them had 'Brian luvs Julie 4 eva!' and such like. My inclination towards stereotype had always suggested that this was a female thing to do. The best one had something similar as a centre piece then carefully written in 3D letters across the top was the phrase:
Togetha Foreva in Life till Deaf!
I did ask how long this poor lad had before his hearing went and how the girl would be so callous as to announce her intention to leave at the onset of disability but my question fell on death ears.

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