Thursday, 5 March 2009

Uncomfortable 4-0

I think Spurs are the only team in Prem who can make a 4-0 win look like a close run thing. In the end Keane made the difference that would probably have made an even bigger difference on Sunday. It's time to look at those daft 'cup tied' rules that stop a player from playing in a final if he's had 2 mins on the pitch for another club. Then, with FIFA and associated bodies realising they had it wrong, get the cup final replayed. At White Hart Lane. They would also realise that constant step overs are hugely irritating and confirm that Ronaldo must play with his legs tied to gether and a smug face covering wig on. Wigan should also play with wigs on.

Highlights from last night's game here:,,12555,00.html?mvnAssetId=3766419?WT.mc_id=sj

Lennon was fantastic by the way.

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