Thursday, 5 March 2009

My dad will beat up your dad

From the Guardian today, this is a rare peach:

Cristiano Ronaldo was involved in a confrontation with Newcastle's Steven Taylor in the players' tunnel at half-time of Manchester United's 2-1 victory at St James' Park on Wednesday night, calling the Newcastle defender 'a rubbish footballer' and having to be calmed down by his captain, Rio Ferdinand, and the referee, Steve Bennett.
Taylor had been booked for a rash challenge on Ronaldo before half-time and the pair exchanged angry words as they made their way to their dressing rooms. Ronaldo reportedly started the exchange by calling Taylor a rubbish footballer, to which the Newcastle defender responded by allegedly saying that, at least, "he wasn't ugly".
Ronaldo repeated the claim about Taylor being a poor footballer and the exchange ended with the defender apparently saying, "I know, but you are still ugly" before Ferdinand and Bennett intervened.

Ronaldo is a petulant, over protected, arrogant, spoilt brat. And, when you think about it, isn't the adonis he thinks he is with those whiney pug features. However, I have to say that Taylor's retort was pretty feeble. I much preferred it when he smashed him across the face with his forearm. I just wish he'd connected better.

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