Thursday, 26 March 2009

Pub Z

It's only 3.45 but I have already finished all the things I needed to do today and I'm not in the mood to start any new stuff. Although it was probably annoying and distracting, I started talking to a colleague about when I worked in France. While looking for pictures of Avignon to illustrate my rambling, teary-eyed narrative I came across this one of Bernard, the owner of Pub Z. We all called him 'le boss' and were there when he opened the place back in 1987. He liked our custom so much he actually let us have a tab at the bar. I think it may have been something to do with the fact that we were necking about 10 beers to every local's 1. And ours weren't pink.

His zebra themed T shirt reflects the zebra theme in the whole bar. the bar top and decor were all zebra striped. He even had a zebra striped motorbike. Not many french people got the 'cool' vote from us when we were there in our 20s but this bloke certainly did. In fact I seem to recall he had a news cutting (from the Guardian I think) on the wall which reported on his installation of a condom machine in the gents' toilets. This was a first in France at the time.
I don't know who the other bloke is.

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