Saturday, 2 June 2007

high tech grandpa

I was very impressed the other day. At my grandad's place for a flying visit, my mum mentioned that she's able to keep up to date with what I'm doing by reading this.
'Oh yes,' says Grandad, 'I need you to sort that out for me... Can you put an icon...'
He's in his 80s, e mailing, using the web and getting on expertly with a whole bunch of assistive technoloigies and now he's throwing words like 'icon' around.
'...on my desktop...'
'Uh huh' I nod dumfounded by the ease with which he has been able to adapt. I have no doubt when (if) I hit 80 I won't know how to operate any of those new fangled hovver cars or operate my teleport machine.
' I can read your blob.'

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