Monday, 3 September 2007

that nagging feeling

Me and S and best mate and (sometimes boy) play 'Weakest Link' in a popular national paper every Saturday. There are at least two questions every week where I know the answer but can't quite dredge it up from the silty slushpool that is my long term memory.

The nagging 'tip of my tongue' sensation I get then is almost identical to the feeling I had the other day when I had to follow someone down the longest corridor in the world, over a bridge and then along the second longest corridor in the world. She didn't say much and made me quite nervous so I kept saying stupid things. They were the sort of things that most polite people would acknowledge with a 'hmmm' or that exhaling thing people do by puffing a blast of air out of their nostrils when something doesn't really merit even a fake 'ha!' If I recall, most of what I was blithering on about had something to do with wheeling old people around and bashing them into the walls of the corridor so I don't blame her really. All the way down I had a deja vu, familiarity sensation that wouldn't go away.

About 15 minutes ago in THE meeting from hell it just came to me. It was the way she walked. The rhythm and pace and the movement of her shoulders was identical to the butler in Chigley. You can see what I mean here:

That's not embedding for me but I am working on a very old laptop- if it doesn't play, try the link

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