Tuesday, 7 April 2009

it wouldn't happen in tennis

You couldn't make this up. This is from MSN but the Guardian also reported it amongst others. I have resisited the temptation to make a whole bunch of cheap puns at the ref's expense; I'm sure he'll be the butt of many a joke every time he blows for anything.

Player penalised for breaking wind
A referee ordered a penalty to be retaken in a Sunday league football game after an opposition player "broke wind" as the ball was kicked. The referee also gave the player a yellow card for the noise which was classed as "ungentlemanly conduct". But Chorlton Villa, who conceded a goal on the second take, went on to win the match 6-4 against International Manchester FC at Turn Moss in Stretford, Manchester.
source: http://news.uk.msn.com/odd-news/article.aspx?cp-documentid=15764517&ocid=today

I get why 'ungentlemanly conduct' was put inside inverted commas in the article but why put 'broke wind' in them? It's not like that's the official FA terminology for this act. I will raise it with the Football Association Rules & Terminology Society. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to conduct myself in an ungentlemanly fashion upstairs.

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