Thursday, 23 April 2009

Power Teaching

Apparently sweeping its way across California, this innovation in teaching is ....interesting. I saw it done with a bunch of 8 year olds and could see how, if used prudently, it could get results. It seems though that the advocates and power teaching evangelists reckon this should be THE way. As much as it looks 'new' it takes a lot from classic behaviourism and the older the students are the more jarring is the choral response idea. Does it stop teachers droning on? Yes. Does it include elements of peer teaching and opportunities for assessment? Yes. These are two things that I am constantly talking to trainees (and, through internal dialogue and the occasional stage whisper, myself) about. However, it has a strong sense of the squaddie drilling things you see in American Movies and has a lot of built in suppositions that are brushed over.

Even so, it's interesting watching this bloke do his thing. The second video is power teaching in action in what I'd say was a more appropriate setting (with multiple reservations of course).

Class? Yes....TEACH!

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