Thursday, 26 April 2007

Jenas you p***s

There's nothing like shouting your mouth off and being made to look like a git in front of your son and your mate. My git status was further elevated by the fact that several tens of people around us in the East Stand at WHL on Saturday could somehow also hear me. 'Shy' and 'retiring' are two adjectives ascribed to me (by drunk people who have never met me) and 'enthusiastic' and 'passionate' by those that have been to football with me and enjoy euphemisms. Don't get me wrong; I'm no boo boy (or even a boo old man) but at 2-1 down to A*****l and well into the second half Zakora and Jermaine Jenas were simply not doing what they needed to be doing: providing service to Berbatov. Any more games like that this season and he'll be even more tempted by whatever Man Yoo or Chelski can offer. Finally, Martin Jol heard me from the other side of the pitch and replaced Zakora with Defoe but still I wasn't happy and, as frustration got the better of me (not, I might add, to the point of convincing me to leave early like some of the fair weather mob around me) I made no secret of my desire (metaphorically) to see JJ take an early bath. So, when he belted home the equalizer with 30 seconds left of injury time I was ecstatic of course but very conscious of the harumphing around me. I had no idea Spurs fans could hurumph so audibly. "Two- one, and you f***d it up" the die hards explained diplomatically to the remaining "scummers" (of course I mean that affectionately and without vitriol) and those around me looked at me and telepathically chanted " You're a git, you're a git, you're a git".

Still, it wasn't as bad as earlier in the season when I went to see the Mighty Os in action against Gillingham. 3-0 down with ten minutes to go, I was as loud as the next man demanding the substitution of the woefully inept left back. Of course he went on to score a hattrick.

For this Saturday I have a strategy. I will demand loudly and enthusiastically the substitution of Dimitar and Keano from the first whistle. On my past form we'll be 6 up with a hattrick from each by half time.

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