Sunday, 8 July 2007

Cow Cloud

Thinking about it now, it does seem to have been something of an unnecessary risk. Travelling back from London, dusk is settling in and I can feel my eyes getting heavy. My brain says in a fake chipper Dick Van Dyke kind of way 'Just close them for a few seconds... it'll be fine mate.' Luckily though I notice an amazing shape in one of the clouds- it's a cow!

Now, I'm not keen on cows really but I can see it like it was drawn by someone like Rolf Harris or Tony Hart- you know, where you know it's just blobs but man it really looks like the thing it's supposed to be. By the way, they may be pleb artists for the telly watching generation but I'd pay more for an original Harris or Hart than I would for a Hirst or anything by that bloke who put an elephant turd in a glass box at the Tate Modern. Better than leaving it on the floor though I spose.

Well, I was so impressed with the cloud I took a picture of it with my phone while I was driving. It wasn't like I had to put the camera up to my eye or anything- I just slid the back open, pointed it vaguely at the windscreen and clicked. Still, it would be a stupid thing to get points on my license for- I need all those for speeding tickets. I can kind of see the cow now- it's the cloud in the middle of the picture- the cow's head is sort of looking north west and away from the camera. Somehow it doesn't look as convincing today and definitely not worth the risk.

Reckon it's better than dung in a glass box or half a sheep mind you.

Postscript: it's so weird- I did a quick search to see if Damien Hirst was indeed HIRST and not HURST (like Geoff) and the first thing I come across is this: it's a picture of the "artist" alongside a cow's head! It also has a 'defence' of the man but I couldn't be bothered to read it- I'm def not recommending it (just thought i'd better be clear about that)

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